Natural Input Solutions

If you own a pure slate
or 2-in-1 Windows tablet
that comes along with
an active pen
Then EditRight is the app for you!
  • Do you wish there was a faster, more comfortable, and ergonomic alternative available for editing a Word document than using your fingers on the touchpad of a 2-in-1 Windows tablet?
  • Introducing EditRight a revolutionary app that let me use the more comfortable and ergonomic active pen on a pen-enabled screen, to accurately edit a Word document THREE TIMES FASTER than using my fingers on a touchpad.
  • EditRight achieves its extreme editing speed by using an ultra-efficient gesture-based user interface, along with an active pen that lets a user directly and efficiently interact with the content of a pen-enabled screen.
  • EditRight is an app that lets a user edit a Word document silently, quickly, accurately, and ergonomically by using an active pen to draw or write on a pen-enabled screen: Single-stroke gestures (Example: Cut, Copy, and Paste), punctuation symbols, and printed/cursive words.