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Active Pen

A pen containing electronic components that enables efficient, precise, and accurate pen input.

Edit Content

Performing editing functions such as Cut, Copy, Paste, Bold, Underline, and change of Case.

Graphical User Interface

A visual method of working with a computer that involves using a pen, mouse, or your fingers to interact with one or more icons, menus, toolbars, or windows.


A single stroke of ink that is interpreted as an editing function such as Cut, Copy, or Paste.

Pen-enabled Screen

A computer screen that can detect the location of the tip of an active pen.

Repetitive Stress Injury

Heavy use of mouse, touchpad, or keyboard can lead to development of Repetitive Stress Injuries such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.


Terms that refer to the speed at which a user can edit a Word document.

Voice Command

Where words spoken by a user are interpreted as a given editing function. For example, when a person says, “Cut This” or “Paste This,” the corresponding editing function is performed.